Welcome to Adventure Running Co.’s Weblog!

Welcome to our weblog!  Here we will provide you with updates about our trail running tours, previews of upcoming tours, descriptions of some of the new trail running tours we’re planning and receive feedback from you.  We’d really like to use this site to hear what you’re looking for in your trail running adventures.  We might even ask you what types of trail running tours you might be interested in and places you’d really like to run.  Adventure Running Co. aims to find the most scenic trails in America for our trail running tours, and while we’ve run in a lot of places all over the country, there may be places you know about that would be super tour locations.  So, visit often and we’ll keep you updated on the latest trail running tours from Adventure Running Co. and trail running news from around the community!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Adventure Running Co.’s Weblog!

  1. just checking this blog out. some excellent trail running at Ft Robinson State Park, Chadron, NE and for those who like the steep trails, try Platte River State Park near Omaha, NE. There are more that i will post later.

  2. Thanks for the comment Steve! Those trails look great. For those who don’t think Nebraska has any hills, the sand hills and the hills around Omaha will prove them wrong. We’re also hoping to offer a trail running tour along the Centennial Trail in the Black Hills. Not too far from the Chadron area.

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