Dates for 2009 Tours Set

Dates for our 2009 tours are set.  In the early part of the summer we’ll be running our Maah Daah Hey and Superior Hiking Trail tours.  Dates are:

Maah Daah Hey tour – May 25 to May 29

Superior Hiking Trail tour – June 1 to June 5

Later in the summer we’ll be running out west and getting a taste for the mountains and meadows of Colorado and Wyoming.  Dates for our western tours are:

Colorado Trail tour – August 10 to August 14

Bighorn Mountains tour – August 17 to August 21

We’re still talking with Hardrock 100 officials to coordinate a 5 day tour of the Hardrock 100 mile course.  This tour will be run the week after the race if and when we finalize the details.  Dates for our Hardrock 100 tour pending finalization of details:

Hardrock 100 tour – July 13 to July 17

While we look outside our window and see a winter wonderland, we’re dreaming about hitting the trails and kicking up a little dust on some spectacular trails this summer!  We hope you’ll join us on the trails!

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