Exciting New Running Tour in Guatemala!

Adventure Running Co. is excited to announce a collaboration with As Green As It Gets, a non-profit organization in Guatemala which focuses on economic development and environmentally sustainable agriculture, to provide an exciting new trail running tour in 2010.  While this is very short notice, we truly believe this will be a special running adventure.  In addition, the 2010 tour will be offered at a reduced price since it will be the first Guatemalan tour.

Over the course of the 8 day tour, runners will not only have the opportunity to run up a volcano and make camp at the top, but they’ll also run through green walled valleys and coffee plantations, across a steep gorge on a swinging bridge, and overlook the amazing crater lake of Atitlan.  While still a running tour, this trip will offer so much more, as runners immerse themselves in the Guatemalan culture, eating dinner in the homes of local coffee farmers, help local farmers harvest and process the coffee that will be used on the rest of the tour and run through many small villages along the route.  This running tour will encompass an amazing variety of scenery.  You won’t just run through the countryside, but you’ll experience it first-hand as you get to know the local people, from the local guides that you’ll run with to the families that you’ll dine with to the coffee farmers that you’ll harvest with.

Adventure Running Co. embraces the vision of As Green As It Gets to provide more than just a tour, but a cultural experience that will enrich you while supporting the work of As Green As It Gets and the producers they sponsor.  As Green As It Gets helps entrepreneurial men and women from disadvantaged communities to establish independent, sustainable businesses so that they can improve their living conditions and stimulate their local economies.  Adventure Running Co. hopes, that by partnering with As Green As It Gets, we can provide an amazing running experience while producing additional business opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

For more information, please visit our Adventure Running Co. website to find out how you can sign up.

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