2011 Adventure Running Co. Tour Schedule

Adventure Running Co. is  happy to announce our 2011 schedule of running adventures!  We’ve added a couple new tours that should be spectacular.  They’re both in prime trail running locations and are sure to satisfy your taste for sublime trail running and adventure!


We’ll start the year by partnering up with As Green As It Gets in mid-March to again offer our unique and powerful running tour of Guatemala.  You’ll have the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in the culture of Guatemala while also exploring some spectacular trails including a run to the top of a 13,000 foot volcano.  This will truly be an adventure you’ll never forget.


The first week in May, we’ll be offering our new Appalachian Trail tour along the spine of the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina and Tennessee.  We’ll run arguably the most spectacular stretch of the Appalachian Trail as we run for miles along mile high open meadow ridgetops commonly called “Balds.”  The trail running here can only be described as sublime!


The last week in May, we’ll again be offering our spectacular Maah Daah Hey Trail tour in North Dakota.  We’ll cover the 100 mile trail through the enchanted Badlands of western North Dakota over the course of 5 incredible days.


In mid-June, we’ll embark on the Superior Trail in Northern Minnesota on our Superior Trail tour.  Here you’ll traverse ridges and clifftops high above mighty Lake Superior by day and stay in warm and cozy cottages and condominiums right on the lakeshore each night.  You’ll even have the opportunity to soak your tired legs in the natural ice bath of Lake Superior every afternoon after your run.


In early July, we’ll preview the entire Hardrock 100 course over the span of 5 days on the Hardrock 100 tour in Southwestern Colorado.  This is the most advanced of all running tours with extremely high altitude, breathtakingly steep climbs and descents and steep snowfields.  Your guides will know the trail well, but you’ll still need to have map reading and navigational skills to help you along your way.  Your reward however will be overwhelming.  The San Juan Mountains over which you’ll traverse on this tour are some of the most spectacularly beautiful mountains on Earth!


The first week in August we’ll spend the week running high above the turquoise waters of Lake Tahoe on the Tahoe Rim Trail tour in California and Nevada.


In mid-August we’ll once again explore the high alpine meadows and passes along the Colorado Trail on the Colorado Trail tour with a rewarding and amazing climb to the top of the highest peak in Colorado – Mt. Elbert to finish off the tour in style.


In late-August the 2nd Annual VoyageurQuest Stage Race will follow the amazing northern segment of the Superior Trail and offer exciting competition along with amazing views over Lake Superior from the high ridges.  If you missed this race last year, you won’t want to this year!


Finally in early September we’ll be offering the most epic trail running adventure to date – a circumnavigation around mighty Mt. Rainier on the astonishing Wonderland Trail!  We’ll spend 4 days running the Wonderland Trail with an additional day of travel and exploration of the Rampart Ridge Trail in Mt. Rainier National Park.


Our schedule this year is packed with adventurous and beautiful trail running tours.  We’re looking forward to sharing these amazing trails with you.  It looks to be a super year and our tours are already filling.  For more information about these tours please visit our 2011 Tour page on the Adventure Running Co. website.  Hope to see you on the trails soon!

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