2018 Adventure Running Co. Tours

2018 will be an exciting year for Adventure Running Co.!  We’ve expanded our tour offerings to more spectacular locations and during different times of the year.  We’re hoping that with our expanded offerings, you’ll be able to find a tour that suits you. We’d love to see our old friends and run with new friends as well!

IMG_6436Our year will start out with a bang, with a new tour in Arizona where we’ll explore the Red Rocks of Sedona!  Sedona is well known for its mountain biking but we believe the extensive trail system is even better for trail running!  We’ve hand picked the best routes in Sedona and we’d love to share the trails with you February 26 to March 2.  Join us for a great week of training in a spectacular setting just when you need a little warm weather and dirt trails!
In July we’ll find ourselves exploring the Best Trails of Rocky Mountain National Park.  Rocky Mountain National Park is a stunning landscape and we’ll run the best trails in the park during the day while sharing stories around the campfire in the evening.  Join us July 9-13 for this new tour through breathtaking Rocky Mountain National Park!
August will once again find us running around Mt. Rainier on the epic Wonderland Trail.  Presently we’re offering one tour date but will add a second the following week if/when the first date fills.  The Wonderland Trail tour is an advanced tour for runners capable of handling long days on the trail (up to 32 miles with 6 major climbs) and love gorgeous, jaw dropping scenery.  There are two very long and difficult days on this tour but the challenge is well worth it!  Join us August 13-17 for this epic adventure!
In September we’ll be offering a three day weekend Tour of Duluth adventure!  Duluth is becoming known as the best outdoor city in America and with good reason.  Weather in September in Duluth is sublime and we link up THE BEST trails in the city to take you on an unbroken route from one end to the other.  You won’t believe you’re in the city limits when you run by rushing rivers, waterfalls, and above towering cliffs with amazing views of Lake Superior and the Harbor the whole way.  Best of all, we sample the best microbrews each night at a different brew pub!  Join us September 14-16 to see why we’re running across the best outdoor city in America!
Finally in early November, we might save the best for last – running the amazing Zion – Bryce Canyon P1060787National Park Country!  Come see what makes this corner of Utah so amazing.  We’ll run through, above and below amazing country on incredibly fun trails.  Some of the downhills are so much fun, you’ll almost want to run back up just to run back down again (almost)!  This will be a lodge to lodge adventure.  Join usNovember 12-16 to run this amazing country on super fun trails!
In 2018 we’re offering several BRAND NEW tours!  We hope you’ll be able to join us.  As always, we’re looking forward to making new running friends in 2018 and running with many of our “old” friends as well!  Check out our website at http://www.adventurerunningco.com to find more information and reserve your spot on a tour.  You can find more information and reserve a spot on one of our tours here – http://www.adventurerunningco.com/current-tours.html. You may be able find an answer to your questions in our F.A.Q. – http://www.adventurerunningco.com/frequently-asked-questions.html.  Also check our Facebook page and check out our running videos from previous years.  Hope to run with you this summer!  Happy Trails!

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