Adventure Running Co. Partners and Sponsors

Adventure Running Co. is happy to announce partnerships with companies supplying the best trail running gear and nutrition available.  These companies will be providing gear for our guides and some product for our tours.  Some of our partners will also be providing discounts on their products and other benefits to runners participating in our tours.  The Adventure Running Co. will be providing a great opportunity for our partners and sponsors to test their gear and products in the field and provide them with the feedback necessary to help them constantly improve the quality of their products.  We’ve chosen to work with these companies based on their product’s performance and dependability.  If we didn’t think these were the best products out there for trail running, we wouldn’t be using them.

golite_sun_logoGoLite is the industry leader when it comes to clothing and gear that provide maximum performance with minimum weight.  Their gear is light and durable and will ensure that our guides have the best clothing and gear for any condition we might encounter on the trail.

darntoughDarn Tough socks are a product that truly live up to their name!  These are absolutely the toughest, most durable socks we’ve ever worn.  Not even close.  And, they’re super comfortable too!  We’ve got pairs of Darn Tough over a year old and we still haven’t worn a hole in them!  There may be some other socks out there that might be as comfortable, but there aren’t any that are this tough!

blackdiamond_stndrdweb1Black Diamond makes the best headlamps for runners available today.  We particularly like their Spot headlamp which provides incredible brightness and light weight.  Black Diamond is constantly working on improving their headlamps for trail runners and will be releasing new models in the near future.

honey-stinger-w-words1Honey Stinger was developed to take advantage of the superior source of carbohydrates and energy that natural honey provides.  Plus, it tastes great!  We’ve found that when other gels start to get “old” and the last thing you want is to suck another gel down at mile 90 of a 100 mile race, honey, with it’s natural flavor stays fresh and inviting.  Honey Stinger makes great tasting gels, organic energy chews (mmmmmm…), protein bars and energy bars.

headsweats-logoHeadsweats makes the best, most comfortable running hats available.  We’ll be providing custom designed Adventure Running Co. running hats made by Headsweats to those runners who elected to receive a hat as their complimentary item.

Thanks again to these wonderful partners for providing the gear that we can depend on!

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